Monday, January 17, 2011


Ribs, chicken and fish have turned out well in my son ken's smoker so he decided to smoke a turkey for the first time. It took 6 hours and it still wasn't done. The oven inside finished the job in another hour.
Laurie scrubbed up some sweet potatoes, oiled them, sliced them and sprinkled them with freshly chopped rosemary.
Those he cooked on a regular grill.
While the turkey cooked the rest of us played Rummikub, or uke, or just hung. Ken kept up with the Steelers on TV.
Jim spent the afternoon with his son at his hotel. They watched the Patriots and the Jets game. Then he popped back over for dinner. His son is in town for a Concrete Convention with 66,000 others.
The weather was sunny and cool; the turkey was tender, juicy and delicious.
The smoke imparts a flavorful advantage that is different from a standard bake and a welcome change from the traditional stuffed turkey.
Ken likes to cook on Sundays. It made for a restful day and the turkey was smokin' Dude.

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