Friday, January 7, 2011


I had so much fun visiting Jim's cousins when we were back East in 2010. I guess its my turn to introduce him to my cousins. Karen Prelog came to greet us at our  motor home here in Apache Junction, Arizona yesterday morning. Mid day, we spent time in the not tub and did some grocery shopping.
  Last night, Karen had us over to her house for a wonderful dinner. Karen's mother and mine were sisters. None of our aunts and uncles are with us anymore. Its seems impossible to realize, WE are the older generation of our family.
 Karen has four sons, all with families, all live in Arizona fairly near. Karen is a nurse and it keeps her young and strong. We will rendezvous with another cousin on Saturday, Vicky Bueltman from Scotsdale, daughter of my mother's brother. Its nice to have someone recommend a good Mexican restaurant nearby for us.
As for me, its time to get acclimated to the rhythm of life in the motor home. We have a very weak signal and my email is not getting through. I'd forgotten about those vicissitudes of the road. Hopefully it will be better in the next few days. Gotta do e-mail.
And, since my engineer partner fixed my computer with a plastic toothpick, I think I'll concentrate on getting everything transferred to the new machine. Its a Toshiba, rated second for reliability by consumer guides,  just under Acer computers. It's hard to change from what you are comfortable using, but it has to be done, even though when we took the toothpick out of the button, the button began working on its own. There is no understanding electronics.

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