Sunday, October 11, 2009


We must have weather karma, or something, because the day couldn't have been more perfect. Sunny and cool, we drove to Glacier Point. Having never been there I was delighted to see the promontory rock so often photographed in the park's early heyday. No guard rails; a rock that hangs over the park and gives you the willys to see anybody cavorting there. In the 1800's it was a challenge like extreme sports are today.
Yosemite has the most domes of any place in the world. Without going into the geology of their formation, suffice it to say, they brought us this special park with spectacular views like this fantastic done below.
Even though Half Dome is so often photographed, I couldn't resist having my photo with the famous knob.
I sat upon this rock (below) for a picture after gazing in awe around me for 15 minutes. Soon, every kid and her brother were up on the rock for a photo. It makes a stunning backdrop.

At Glacier, with guard rails in place, you get remarkable views of the valley. Its hard to imagine how you see these huge granite icons from the floor, and then at Glacier, they seem close enough to reach out and touch. Below is the Ahwahnee Hotel.
Another granite monolith, with half dome in the back ground on our way back from Glacier Pt.
On the way back to the camp ground, we drove to the O'Shaughnessy Dam built within the park boundaries. It holds the Hetch Hetchy waters that flow by gravity 167 miles away to San Francisco. Hetch Hecthy, by the way, is from the Indian word hatchhatchie for grasses and weeds in the area that are edible.
Its difficult to pick just five pictures when everything is so beautiful. Jim is trying to teach me to discard 90% of what I take. It is a good discipline and I made an effort. I fixed those I could from Friday, plus those I took today. Then discarded a bunch of them and they are now in a new picasa album except I screwed up the album upload so bad, I couldn't fix it. Its very trying to work with some technologies that with a click of a button are irreversible. So even though I wrote this early this morning, I'm finally posting at 5:34 p.m.
What is that song? Dang me, dang me. Ya oughta take a rope and hang me. (groan.)

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