Thursday, October 29, 2009


The quilt show I attended last weekend had a new feature, whereby about 30 pairs of decorated shoes pointed the way around the grounds to the various venues. Since my daughter collects shoes, I thought I'd take some photos for her and the one above is an example.
This morning, however, I open my email and viewed jaw dropping shoes. EXTREME as in EXTREME.
I spent a couple hours on-line trying to find the origin of these photos to give credit, but could not find the source. During the search process I found many more mind boggling extreme shoe photos. What's more, they are for sale and supposedly wearable.
She must need the guy to keep her from falling over.
As sinuous as a striking snake.
This pair must be for masochists who WANT to walk on nails.
Maybe these slippers will scare away the real thing. But they look so realistic, I'd like to find a pair for my friend Jan, the neighborhood prankster.
I had a great morning traveling around the extreme shoe websites. One site was inoperative and I found one of the shoes in my line-up on my first attempt. It was Extreme Shoes Arts And Design. Others that were interesting: http://stylefrizz.com200803/virtual-shoe-museum-the-creepy-extreme-section and
There was, of course, much more. Its a strange world out there...but fun!

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