Friday, October 9, 2009


This is our "shake down" cruise in the new motor home. We sit in beautiful Yosemite Lakes this morning. Its quiet here, and the crystal clear water riffles over the rocks. Lovely! We arrived yesterday after a breathtaking drive over 120 through Groveland.
Jim has busily worked on technical installations these past weeks while I played with my guests. It was my turn to orient myself around the kitchen, place pots, pans, dishes, the appliances, my clothing etc. where everything worked best for me. Small inconveniences are easily overcome for a week, but when you spend as much time on the road as we do, it is necessary to minimize them. The signal here is slow, as it often is, no cell phone service at all on this 400 acre preserve, but Jim's antenna installation works well and we have an internet signal without waiting until 8am for the lodge to open. Yes! That is a major convenience, to sit in your own space and do email and blog BEFORE breakfast. It purifies relaxation and reduces my stress. (I'm the self stresser of the family.)
I'm looking forward to Yosemite National Park which is only 90 miles from Murphys and five miles from our park.

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