Thursday, October 1, 2009


Never would I have considered myself an avid player on the internet just a few short years ago. Now, I'm on it everyday. It has changed the way I advertise something for sale, and the way I shop. It provides me with nearly daily contact with far away friends I hadn't heard from in years. It transcends phone contact. It isn't free, but it is affordable.
Many of you have no doubt heard about net neutrality. The cable companies and phone companies would dearly like to suck more money out of us in a pay-as-you-go way to cruise the internet, exploit it and to hell with this vast, wonderful, infrastructure that spread from college campuses and to the public free from students, hackers, geeks ordinary citizens. It leveled the playing field for entreprenuers of America by putting small companies, individuals and big companies side by side with equal exposure. What a wonderful worldwide democracy we have going on the internet. I can contact my Indonesian exchange student-free-instead of paying a $300 phone bill. If you enjoy your internet, be sure and support net neutrality. There are many myths about net neutrality. Get to the truth by contacting and

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