Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Its been an eventful month. We had a bob cat on the front porch in broad daylight, which tells me the wild things are hungry. Neighbor Karen threw a rock at it for fear they were drooling over her cats. That is the second bob cat this month.
We had a 13 hour power outage last week and a temporary problem Monday night. I'm pleased to say we all have electricity now, but when I returned from Manteca yesterday, I found bullet holes in my front window.
We do get a stray bullet from hunters now and again, but these two, on closer inspection, turned out to be bullet hole decals.
Aha! I instantly decoded who could have done the dastardly deed. My neighbor, Jan Stewart, the likely perpetrator.
Several years ago, a neighbor went on vacation and Jan convinced me that we should plan a little "surprise" for their homecoming. Jan laid down on neighbor Clement's driveway and I drew around her body with chalk. Then we blocked off their driveway with "crime scene" tape. Oh, it was such fun!
The neighborhood has never been the same since, especially near Halloween.
Last week she asked me if I had placed the bloody arm on her gate post? "No, not me!"

She didn't ask if I had put "The Witches Inn" sign on her front door. Hee, hee, hee.
I found a small decorated pumpkin on my newspaper box right after.
In past years I've found huge spiders in my bed, a large rat in my cupboard, a giant spider hanging from my shower spout.
The war is on! Shoot me some dastardly ideas, folks. I gotta get her back!

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