Sunday, June 7, 2009


(The first photo shows the Lewis and Clark company salt burner)

Touristy beach towns have satisfying similarities, in some ways. Besides the smell of the seaweed, and salt ocean, walking the short streets brought layers of odors. Salt water taffy, mingled with caramel corn. Then a hint of hot sweet coffee and the powerful odor of burgers and french fries. At one point it was batter fried fish of some sort next to burned cotton candy and maple syrup. A waft of chocolate and peanuts. An ice cream store on every street corner. Yum!
Thai, Greek, Italian, Mexican food...the smells were tumbling out of the store fronts between windows of gifts featuring kitschy souvenirs, quality paintings, glass works, incredibly talented hand crafts, jewelry and the inevitable T-Shirt, baggy shorts, and flip flop boutiques. Throw in a skate board, boogie board, tattoo and swim wear shop and you have it all. Summer heaven for kids. Not many have tsunami warnings.
Weather was coolish, and the tourists aren't yet swarming, but, those that were about town were enjoying it as much as I enjoyed people watching.

We stopped to see the End of the Trail. This beach is the western terminus of the Lewis and Clark expedition. They spent time making salt and their salt burner still stands preserved. A statue marks the site. Brass medallions decorated a bridge over an un-named river pouring into the ocean, commemorated their feats, as well.
The town itself has those quaint salt box houses dripping with giant blooming rhododendrons everywhere. one had lobster shutters. Another we saw had buoys hanging from the garage eaves. Its a fun place to visit cold or hot.

Not every beach town has a carousel. They are becoming scarce, but, here sits a beauty with wonderfully imaginative animals to ride. Around town, inside a building, no less, was bumper cars, a tilt-a-whirl and kiddie rides plus several arcades with flash-ball and other wonderfully absorbing games designed to separate every healthy teenager from his change.
A 1/2 dozen places rented bicycles, and quadcycles built for four. Some bicycles built for two, adjacent style, hold baskets for a couple of kids. A smiley faced electric vehicle screams RENT ME!!

For more pictures of Seaside and Lewis and Clark stuff, click on the web link below for a quick slideshow.

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