Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We were encouraged by a waiter in Long Beach to be sure and try a local specialty, razor clams in a buttermilk type of sauce. We had our mouths watering for fish and chips that included salmon, halibut, cod and pollock so we declined. Maybe later.
Later came and everywhere we asked, after that, the razor clams were deep fried. "Try the Crab Pot, or 42nd St."... etc. We found them fresh at the Crab Pot's attached deli. The cook there told me how to cook them, but instead of heading home we stopped at a place called The Depot Restaurant in the small town of Seaview.
People were parked outside waiting for the place to open, (in 15 minutes.) We walked up to the door, checked the menu and the pony tailed owner came and explained to us, "this is build your own burger night, we open at 5:00 p.m." Hmm! The restaurant is in a 120 year old Train Station with a covered heated deck out back. They advertise casual fine dining.
We were intrigued and waited.. People gathered until a mob was outside the door impatient for it to open and they talked about build your own hamburger. Rolled eyes, licked lips and "wonderful!"
Precisely at 5:00, the doors opened, all the tables and all but three seats at the bar were reserved and the phone was ringing for reservations while we stood. We hastily talked Michael into giving us two of the seats at the bar ahead of anyone on the phone since we had waited out front. He did.
Everyone gets a small menu of choices to fill out: With your grilled beef, or grilled portobello, or grilled buffalo, you have a choice of 14 different items you can have on your burger with a choice of sweet potato or regular fries with it. Avocado, fried egg, pineapple, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, jalapeno peppers were offered along with the usual lettuce and stuff. Its a giant burner. Good beer and wine choices, and a wonderful clam chowder made with steamers, chopped razor clams, in a creamy broth with garlic, potato and leek was exquisite.
Burger night is one of several specialty nights the Depot advertises during the winter, only. Summer is devoted to his regular menu only, which, doesn't include a hamburger. (This was the last night for build your own burger.)
This is fine dining with great prices. The Mediterranean Lamb with shitake mushrooms, & curried couscous, (29), Organic Prime filet mignon, (28) hormone free rib eye platter, (33). Small plates around $10 with crab cakes, wild boar, fried Risoto balls with smoked Mozzarella some of the offerings. And, a delightful desert menu.
Hey, gotta hit this place every time we drive the coast. 1208 38th & L Place, Seaview, WA.

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