Sunday, June 21, 2009


Californians go to the beach to sun, swim and play. In Washington, few people swim. Beaches are for driving out, building a fire, roasting something tasty, picnicking, camping, riding horseback, dune buggies, motorcycles or kites. The kids bring shovels, buckets and molds for sand castles; Fishing poles dot the surf rather than swimmers. And kites, kites everywhere of every size. We must have seen 90-100 kites on a mile of beach at Ocean Shores. The dude in the picture harnessed to the kite shown. He can slide along just above the sand with the wind. He has a sophisticated steering aparatus. Dang, it looked like fun.
After visiting the Kite Museum last week in Long Beach with 1.700 kites, it reminded me that the International Kite Festival is held there each year.

Put August 17-23 on your calendar for that event.
Beach towns also have schlocky store fronts with souveniers and good junk. And, always a kite store.

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