Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Our travels brought us 12 miles short of Redding, CA with a broken alternator belt. We spent the night in Redding and got up early headed for Rogue River, Or. The whole area is dominated by the recurring image of Mount Shasta, half covered with snow at this time of year. Each time I see it, and its partner, Black Butte, I can't resist taking yet another picture of this beautiful peak.

Continuing on up over the Siskiyou Pass at 4,000+ feet. The Siskiyous have plenty of craggy peaks and beautiful forests. The roadside signs are intriguing and call out to be explored. Sprinkled thoughout the area are little lakes tucked between the canyons with mysterious names like Boozy Lake, Hooligan Lake, Devils Punchbowl, to name a few. Siskiyou supposedly is Cree for Bob Tailed Horse, an unlikely rumor since the Cree's never occupied these mountains. But, whatever the origin, the entrance to area never fails to provide multiple picture postcard views.

Tomorrow, Rogue River.

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