Monday, June 1, 2009


The Lincoln Arts Center Gallery has several shows each year. During the Feats of Clay, they showcased various local artists who pride themselves on keeping their prices reasonable for the event. The pieces speak for themselves.

There are other galleries in town to peruse, and a great walking tour map is available to find historic old buildings of interest. The International Order of Odd Fellows building is for sale. What a beauty, with the old, original bar and rich woods throughout. I hope whoever buys it does it justice.

During this annual event are many arts activities, clay related, through out the month of May. I mention it so you don't miss it next year.

The world is so full of wonderful things. This past weekend was also Maker's Faire in San Mateo, another exciting event that is on my list of things to do and see. At times I wish I could be two places at once. Check it out on-line. I have a friend that attends every year. If he took some good pictures I'll talk him into sending me them.

I'm currently in Redding and behind in everything.

Hasta la vista

Meanwhile, here are 14 pictures from the Lincoln Arts Gallery at the following link:

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