Friday, June 26, 2009


The city of Olympia got its start at the bottom of Puget Sound at Percival Landing which is where the action was in the old days. The steamboats would come down the sound and everyone would hear the whistle and make for the docks. The ships brought goods, mail, transportation and excitement. Of course, commerce was only part of the excitement. The State Capitol building sits on the hill just up from the waterfront and politics brought its own kind of excitement, as it still does.
The area around the waterfront is now a city park with a boardwalk surrounding the marina with life size sculptures and flower boxes as you stroll. It ends at a look out tower. In Washington, you'll notice the boats in the marina have their own enclosed garages.
The area has plenty of good restaurants and small shops.

Earlier in the day we visited the public access studio, TCTV, Olympia's Public Access Station. Jim's old friend, Debbie Vinsel, is Executive Director of TCTV. Jim at one time hosted a program called Real Estate Round Table for Public Television with a run of 90 programs.

We visited his friend and former hair dresser, Keri Kauffman.

Nostalgia for Jim runs high here. Every field, every new building, every missing tree comes under his radar as we move about the city. We are staying with his long time neighbors, salt of the earth people, Ted and Judy Price. Ted cooks a mean hamburger.

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