Sunday, May 24, 2009


Murphys is called The Queen of the Sierra. It was a sleepy little town with nothing much happening 30 years ago. Little to do but drink and play cards. Locals rode into town on horseback and tied up at the local saloons and imbibed until time to go home. One particular rowdy crew snuck a cow up the stairs of the Murphys Hotel as a prank. The cow went up easily, but was difficult to get back down the steps.
Now people liken Murphys to Carmel and the town and the whole area has become a nifty tourist destination.
Taking a look back, there was a tradition for the local cowboys to wind up the Murphys Homecoming Parade by filling in the last positions. When the paraders moved off the street to their starting point, a couple of cowboys would ride their horses into the Murphys Hotel and "pony" up to the bar for their drinks.
The Hotel has had a succession of owners, and one furious new owner decided to put a stop to the practice, and he did, by having the intruders arrested.
Those days are gone, now, and we are "Carmelized".

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