Sunday, May 3, 2009


Asian and African elephants. Calaveras County has an elephant rescue ranch on Pool Station Rd. near Copperopolis. They open once yearly to the public. They do an admirable job and I will inform you of the date when it comes up.
Sadly, elephant rescue IS necessary. Not the stuff for little kids to know about that elephants are cruelly trained with a bull hook, beaten and subdued to make them understand that man has dominance over them. Only then, are they suitable for work and lifetime servitude and a toss-up of masters, some gentle, many not. My friend Galen Hazelhofer sent me information that literally made me sick to my stomach. I visited Africa and saw what wonderful parents elephants are. Some humans think it is okay to separate babies from their mothers, the herd and terrorize them into subjugation.
We think that circus animals are treated well. They are not. Elephant painters, you've seen a special about them on TV. It is cruelty to force animals in positions unnatural to them and force them to paint. Animals should be allowed to be animals. Period. Go on-line, if you can stomach it, and open up that ugly door to human activity. Then, don't support circus acts. Protest their presence in your town.

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