Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Its a privilege to meet a family as talented as the Colemans. Dr. Robert Coleman's legacy of designing and making jewelry lives on in his daughter, Peg Harrold. Gold smith, silver smith, lost wax cast jewelry, enameling, electroforming and handwrought jewelry comes as naturally to her as cut and paste does to most people. Peg went on to try other concepts in leather, beads, wax, bronze and fabric. She does sculptures, belts, pendants, rings, wall hangings...anything that suits your fancy and her desire. Most interesting of all, everything is three dimensional and often composed of recyclable materials. You might detect a pod, or a stone, a lemon rind or the natural forms of a pomegranate or ginko leaf. Some of the art pictured is her father's and a couple pieces were from a student/friend of their's.Peg, her father and her husband Bill made paper mache birds that sold like popcorn. (None pictured.) Dr. Coleman used to joke, "I'm a metalsmith and jeweler, and I sell a paper mache birds by the dozens." Click on the photos to enjoy the exquisite detail of these unusual pieces. Creative and contemporary, I've also included a couple of Bobadoc's paintings. One photo of Peg's jewelry refused to upload right side up. My apologies.

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