Monday, May 11, 2009


An invitation to a Mother's Day Bonfire was irresistible. I had visions of taking pictures from this ridge in Hathaway Pines of steep canyons with a view all the way to Sheep Ranch. A beautiful sunset, the moon, the star studded sky. None of that worked.
I'd been on this ridge before. Now it is overgrown, the canyon below not visible. The sunset squeaked through the bushes and trees without fanfare far below us. My digital camera cannot reach the stars.
Complete darkness enveloped us. Without enough light to focus, I aimed about the fire in full zoom at people around me and managed 24 credible faces out of 45 taken with a flash. It surprised and delighted me what characters this little Cannon brought to life. You can see them at: .
When you get the thumbnails, you can click on them to bring them up full size.

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