Thursday, May 14, 2009


When the clotheslines go up on the streets of Angels Camp, you know the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee is about to begin. It started Wednesday and runs through Sunday noon. The Jumpers vie for a $1000 prize for the longest jump. The prize is awarded every year, but the big prize is to beat the record, currently at just over 22 feet, (in 3 jumps.)
Teams come back year after year,( some from out of state,) to compete and make it a fun, yearly vacation. If you've never jumped a frog, come visit the fair and have a grand time and taste the flavor small towns are famous for. Good clean fun for all ages with a bit of rodeo, destruction derby and honkytonk thrown in. The Sons of the San Joaquin play at 6pm Friday.
Shuttle rides from business parking lots downtown to Frogtown are available throughout the fair.
Its also the last weekend for mature theater, Bourbon and Laundry and Lonestar at The Black Bart Playhouse in Murphys.
Or perhaps the 24th annual Coulterville Coyote Howl on Saturday in Coulterville. A parade, car show music, and howling contests. How can you go wrong. Ahwooo,ahwoooooooo. yip! Yip! Coope De Lille will rock the park all day. Go from there to a dinner and dance with music by the Bayou Blues Bank. Yeow! How can you go wrong? Info: 876-3015.
Sonora Art Trails open studio tour, 10am to 5pm Sat., and 11-5 Sunday with 17 Tuolumne artist. For maps, or call 532-0042.

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