Monday, May 18, 2009


Three weeks out of Afghanistan, this crew of four army officers practiced water dumps at Sierra Base Camp One in the Mother Lode. Many of those who assist our fire protection units of the U.S Department of Forestry and Cal Fire get assistance from inmate crews when needed, where Christine Munoz, left, in the first photo, works. She sent me these stunning pictures and information about this drill.

"They are practicing water drops, and making sure the equipment is in full working order. They are preparing to be on call for the Calif. Dept. of Forestry and Cal Fire to fight fires.
The commanding officer stated it is not common, but not unusual for the Army to fly firefighters in and do aerial drops in the rugged terrain of mountainous countrysides.
They practiced for three days at the Sierra Conservation Center Baseline Fire Camp. They would pick up water in New Mellones Reservoir and do practice drops over the fields surrounding the reservoir.
After finding all the equipment in working order and feeling confident in their duties in being volunteer firefighter air support, they returned to Stockton, where they are currently stationed."

The drill brought a lot of excitement to the camp watching our boys work. Christine also told me that when the helicopter took off from the heliport those big rotors blew the door shut, set off the alarms, gave her a new hairdo, and put sand in her lip gloss. Hey, hey!!

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