Monday, May 4, 2009


One might ask why anyone would collect magazines? They take up way too much room, they are ubiquitous. Where can you store them? I'm chuckling at the truck loaded with boxes of magazines. Those are the ones saved from a larger load rising to the top of the truck's cab. I advertised on Craigs List, HAVE TRUCK OF MAGAZINES, WILL TRAVEL! The only bites I got were men interested in Porn. No takers. Yes, they are mine. I have narrowed the collection down by about 2,000 pounds. I've had special racks made for them. I can't resist trotting through them now and then to see the handsome, brown, Michal Jackson with his beautiful nose before he decided to surgically narrow it, or the gorgeous Diana before her tortuous and deadly courtship with the papparazi. Oh, the moments relived through my magazines, and the wonderful education they impart. Collecting may not be rational, but it is enjoyable.

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