Sunday, May 17, 2009


I once gave British friends the downtown tour explaining that the Historic Murhys Hotel was 145 years old! The kids, quite unimpressed, kind of sniffed and told me they had buildings in their town 840 years old. Kind of put my history in perspective. No matter, the locals are proud of their historic icon. The old 1800's bar is still in place. The original lobby intact. The presidential rooms are on display and for rent. President Grant, Mark Twain, and other notables stayed in the old hotel.
The current owner, Dorian Faught, who bought it when he had more money than sense, still gets behind the bar once in awhile. He hires cuties in short skirts and a good band now and then and the place still rocks.
People I run into often have a favorite story of a good time in the Murphys Hotel. (Some are unprintable.) I like it too. I'm glad the bathrooms are now flushable. I love the balcony over Main St. And I even like the new neon sign Dorian put up over protests from historic purists.
This may sound trite, but what I like most about the Murphys Hotel is the hooks under the bar to hang your purse. A woman's purse is an important item and it doesn't get dirty and kicked about on the floor, nor wet and boozy on the bar. My kind of bar!

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