Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Every two weeks, I have Monday Bloodwork then Tuesday Infusion. suffice it to say I don't blog those days. Today, I speak of Politics.
Politics is the most hazardous of all professions. There is no other in which a man or woman can hope to do so much good to his or her fellow creatures. And, neither is there any in which, by mere loss of nerve, he or she may do widespread harm. There is not another in which he or she may so easily lose one's soul, nor is there another in which a positive and strict veracity is so difficult. But danger is the inseparable companion of honor. With all temptations and degradations that beset it, Politics is still the noblest career any one can choose.

This was written by Andrew Oliver of Boston in the 18th century, except for my inclusion of  women, where in the 18th century only men engaged in politics, those words stand true today.

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