Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Normal life as we know it has evaded me. With a finite life expectancy, I have a new perspective to look at myself and ask, who am I?  Might I claim I've led an active lifestyle, volunteering, helping others?  Writing, about positive things, friends and family. Other times I rant about social injustices, and curse those powers who fail my particular nib of righteousness. So, nothing as changed. One thing I know for sure, laughter is healing. I hope I can make you laugh at some of the vicissitudes of life and maybe you can make me laugh. 

I've traveled this country over and over again. Everywhere in America are convenience stores where you can pop in and pick up some potato chips, a newspaper and a soda, and fuel your motor.

Here are some of the names I encountered

Gas N' Go
Quick Stop
Kum N' Go
Top Stop
The one that tickled my funny bone-
Quickie Stop, located above a motel
with all the other conveniences below.


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Elaine May said...

Mary, it's so nice to see you back. I know you've been ill and hope you are feeling a bit better.
You probably don't remember me, but I used to read your blog and wrote you a few times.
I am Elaine McCullough May and started life in Manitoba, Canada.
We now live at Salt Air which is a suburb of Ladysmith BC, Vancouver Island.
I still read Jim Jaillet's blog so that's where I heard of your illness.
I won't linger, I just wanted to let you know that I do think of you and wish you the best. I have never had a blog, but I am on Facebook as my grandaughter put me on there about ten years ago.
Cheers for now