Friday, November 15, 2019


Today, I have a cousin visiting. Since I'm posting names, I mention him because he has a perfectly decent name. He is a handsome dude and his name is Robert. We've called him Bob for most of his life. But lately he insists on calling himself Joebob. I accused him once of trying to be a hillbilly, but, for some unfathomable reason, he likes Joebob.   He is a snowbird; lives in Washington and escapes to sunny California for the winter. We'll probably take some pictures and I'll post them and maybe you can tell me why a very dignified man would want to be called Joebob?

I'm a bit off topic.  These towns from Funny Name USA are anything but dignified either. Hopefully I'm not repeating. But here goes:

Chunky, Mississippi
   Makes you wonder, why Chunky?
Tightwad, Missouri
   Why name your town after a tightwad. They couldn't all be tightwads?
Molt, Montana
Worms, Nebraska 
  Yuk. Where ya from?  Worms, Nebraska?  Did I hear that right?
Jackpot, Nevada
Dummer, New Hampshire
  I gotta quit commenting or someone might shoot me.
Buttzville, New Jersey
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Handsome Eddy, New York
Whynot, North Carolina
Zap, North Dakota
Dull, Ohio
Okay, Oklahoma
Boring, Oregon
Halfway House, Pennsylvania
Moosup Valley, Rhode Island
Ketchuptown, South Carolina
  I'd be willing to bet they grow a lot of tomatoes there.
Porcupine, South Dakota
Sweet Lips, Tennessee 
  Sounds like a movie.
Earth, Texas
Eggnogg, Utah
Mosquitoville, Vermont
Fries, Virginia
Dollar Corner, Washington
Bud, West Virginia
   Maybe this is where my cousin came from?
Imalone, Wisconsin
Bar Nunn, Wyoming
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
  I've been there too. You know, you just have to keep a straight face. It is a very devout and proper
city with many hardworking farmers who drive old fashioned buggy's and don't have electricity or modern conveniences. I've forgotten what religion they are but they attract a lot of tourists. 

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Unknown said...

Hi Mary
Jim's cousin Sue here. Great to see you have a little energy to entertain with your words again!! I have also been to Intercourse and it is Amish that live therem there is also a Moosup in CT. My godparents lived there and we took a trip once a year to visit them. I might like to meet someone from Sweet Lips!! 😜
Take care and I will be reading regularly.