Tuesday, February 12, 2013


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We always tell people we blog EVERYDAY. We had a wonderful day yesterday, a meeting with Mayor Randy Roach, and the Grand Regalia that got us home very late. In fact, we almost got locked out of the park. We have an early morning run to Iowa to hopefully catch the Chicken Run this morning and then a ride on a float with a pre-float barbeque. Sooo, given the full day ahead, we have to cut short our blog and play catch up over the next few days. Here, a couple pictures from the past.DSC02564 (Copy)
Jim likes Minnie Mouse. He’s just a big kid himself, doncha know.
DSC02394 (Copy)
And this character that we thought must be from the winning float?  We learned at the regalia last night that he is carrying the Spirit Stick. Their krewe won for most spirited Krewe. Hey, more fun today and to follow.

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