Thursday, March 31, 2011


Our Arts Council recognizes young talent by giving high school students an opportunity to display their work in a public gallery. Every year at this time, they advertise this special exhibit and I had to go. People who can paint or draw, as this painter did, make me green with envy. I like the expression on this girls face. You can read it, a might distrustful, haughty, independent.  Intriguing.

I am an artist of sorts.  My medium is mixed, so  my second favorite piece from the exhibit is this sculpture. I like sculpture made from recycled, found "stuff" and this fit the bill with its pressure gauge, clocks and faucett handles.
I never could draw anything but kindergarten stick figures so my greatest admiration is for those who can do what I can't, render a likeness that looks real. Like this old man and his cat.
Or this one entitled, "Poverty".
There were several computer generated pieces nicely enhanced and interesting as well. The child with fragile wings.
This black and white photo with magical sunglasses that reflect a shinning world of promise.
And this piece reminded me of those ads in the 50's with a line drawn profile much like this girl's, beckoning you to take an art course, promising "you, too, can draw this well." I perfected that profile by drawing it over and over, but, I couldn't afford the course. And, it was probably one of those sham kind of things anyway that wouldn't have done a thing for any latent talent I may have had.

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