Saturday, March 5, 2011


Its true, we're rolling, rolling, rolling. We left friendly Palm Springs, the dates, the palms, the citrus fruit growing everywhere, the morning power walks, the many fun activities,  and are headed for Soledad Canyon Thousand Trails.
We left elevation 18 and climbed up over the pass in the San Bernadino National Forest with our highest point at 4808 feet.  Its high desert and the temperature here is friendlier than the heat wave bouncing into Palm Springs. My weather wimp says, "We left just in time!"

Its pretty country, and as usual, I get to enjoy the view out the window while Jim drives.
The air got noticeably cleaner as we got above the city smog.
In fact, on the way out of town I finally got a good picture of this sign that I had seen several times. It bugged me because I could never read the bottom address to find out what on earth is going on. Enlarging the picture gave me the address. Its a good site for men's health issues. It explains what tests are necessary for men; what studies you can refer to and so on. It kind of annoys me though that the US government has paid for these huge, giant billboards with the address on the bottom so small its unreadable from the road.  So, if you are interested, now you have it.

Anyone who has read my blog knows I'm a sign freak. When we turned onto Pearblossom Hwy I had to do it. I mean, isn't that a pretty sounding name?  Maybe there's  a female highway engineer lurking in the office who gets a chance to choose a name. Avenue T. Aargh, how unmemorable.
We kicked back, enjoyed the cool, quiet, had dinner,then "Roseanne's Husband" did the dishes and clean-up.

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