Monday, March 21, 2011


It snowed all day yesterday. A wet half-rain kind of snow that is deadly to oak trees. The limbs of my trees got so heavy at one point, some of them were practically touching the ground. Around five p.m. the snow turned to rain and it was dirty, slush and cold. Snow didn't exactly melt, it kind of washed away.
The drain on my front walk was too full to carry the water off. I guess we are in for a siege since more of the same is predicted for the rest of the week. We can officially declare the drought is over but its UGLY out there. Brrrr!
I wasn't too interested in looking around the property for trees down unless a tree appears to threaten a building or block a driveway. This driveway goes up to the well and isn't preventing anyone from coming and going. I spotted it yesterday, after the afternoon melt.  I'll survey total damage after the storms are over. If I were going to lose any more than this one tree, I'm sure it would have fallen by now because yesterday's storm was the wettest snow I've ever seen, here.
Its a good time to be hunkered in and working on my taxes. I'm making progress on a job I dislike.
Neighbor Karen rescued me and fixed us a light dinner. And, I hate to say it, but its snowing again this morning. Snow, snow, go away. We'll take the rain, any day.
We can stay in and keep warm. I took a shot of this horse all bundled up in his winter coat. That was during a break in the storm several days ago when it wasn't nearly as cold. Makes me think that horses should have a place to seek shelter of their own choosing rather than wearing a ridiculous looking outfit like this .(My unwanted opinion.)

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