Sunday, March 6, 2011


With my Sheriffs Department background, Soledad brings to mind the prison by that name. But, here, at Soledad Canyon Thousand Trails, is the true meaning of the Spanish word, solitude. It fits this quiet, peaceful site that meanders across the Santa Clara River with approximately 800 sites--- without feeling crowded.
I spent time in the beautiful hot tub. Its cool here, and the pool is closed for repair work.
When we move to a new place, it is our habit to walk the park, see where everything is located, and just get a feel for the place. We noticed a lot of tree work going on in several sections of the park. Old giants, laid down for a final rest.
Beauty still, in its rot and decay.
Like all Thousand Trails, they have multiple activities for kids and adults. Tennis, basket ball, several "kiddie"  playgrounds and picnic areas, horseshoes, an arcade, miniature golf, a couple of outdoor amphitheaters. This is the first TT we've seen with an old tractor for kids to climb on.
We heard coyotes our first night, but literature warns hikers about cougars in the area. On our walk we saw the fattest crow and a few other birds. In Palm springs our walk around the site was 3 miles. Here, it felt like the same distance with just one circle around the perimeter.
 Events here are bus trips into Los Angeles on Thursdays and Saturdays to visit Olivera Street,  the Getty Museum, the Queen Mary, a farmers market, Hollywood, Union Station, Sana Monica, Venice Beach and so on. A continually changing menu of things to see and do.  And, you don't have to drive.
Planned events at the lodge vary with the time of year. We already see flyers for the up-coming St. Patricks Day Corned Beef and cabbage dinner for 99 cents. The big lodge has a huge dance floor and restaurant.
People come up out of the smog filled cities and can enjoy this restful, peaceful place at Soledad Canyon.

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