Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Does it make sense to have a door where you must warn people who may inadvertently touch it? I've extolled the virtues of staying at this beautiful resort in Palm Springs, and the weather here is cool and nice. But it puzzles me why anyone would choose a metal door when cool and nice are only winter temperatures. The summers here are brutal. So brutal, this park closes from mid-May to mid Sept.

Another sign I noticed at the lodge is this newspaper rack with the above sign. I can't say  I understand the sign and why the rack is on vacation. Maybe it is a local paper and they haven't caught up with the returning snow birds yet? It beats me. And then there is all the asphalt parking lots around town without a shade tree in sight. Makes me wonder how the year round population copes.
Since I have family in Las Vegas, I know that people stay inside in their air conditioned cubicles and venture from house to the pool if they are lucky enough to have one. Also, in Vegas, a special type of asphalt that is cool to the touch in even the hottest temperatures are required by law so that children can't burn themselves on playgrounds. Makes me wonder if they use it around here.
Its been another day of morning walk, morning hot tub, and resting Jim's cold and reading. My arm has improved dramatically using the hot tub.
Most of the snowbirds are headed for Borego Anzo for a big pot luck and feed. The featured food is the current southwest rage called a Sonoran Hot Dog. Its a Mexican import that now has many stands in Tuscson and other places in Arizona. I looked it up on line. Its a hot dog in a steamed botillo roll, or a regular soft bun of any sort. It is grilled with bacon, covered in warmed pinto beans and chopped tomatoes, onions, cheese and jalapeno peppers are added along with a long list of  possibilities including roasted green onions and pineapple.  I looked up a recipe online and tried a version for supper last night. It was good, but I'll have to try an official version because praise for them is overwhelming. Let me know if you find the secret. I love finding niche foods.

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