Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Riding Amtrak isn't terribly exciting, but its easy, comfortable and pleasant compared to flying. I'd take it more often if it was available everywhere. Double decks with scenic windows let you enjoy the passing landscape.

Roomy seating with a plug-in for your computer and a tray. Or, you can choose a table seat for four, play cards with a friend, or write a letter, read, whatever suits you. Great for traveling with kids who can work a puzzle or use their crayons. Roomy isles let you walk from car to car, downstairs to the lavatories, one on every car, or go to the cafe car for a bite to eat. Hot food, or snack food, beer, wine. Quite a nice ride. I love Amtrak.
At one point, the train stopped at a juncture for a passing train to go by before proceeding. I looked out the window and spotted what looked like some stolen booty in the bushes. Couldn't quite make out what it was.

And, depending on he route, not all landscapes are scenic. Its part of America, but the trip from the S.F. Bay Area to Seattle is a beautiful,scenic route as is the ride across the Northern United States and Canadian Border.
First stop, my daughter's in Sacramento. She and grandson Theo playing two square on the driveway. I was pleased to have not missed the daffodils in bloom as I have the last two years.
Then, it was necessary to bring my Prius to a Toyota Dealership for a new starter battery, a small 12 volt battery that needed a special installation.  (Special equals expensive.)
Oh, well, an ho-hum. Not quite home yet. I'm here in Sacramento to see a specialist about my shoulder. Hoping for good news, but it is not sounding promising. Life is ever changing. I'll keep posting.

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