Saturday, September 18, 2010


Windy, hilly, and in places a very scenic high desert greeted us between Vernal and Wendover. The summit was 8020 feet through Aspen Grove Pass, above. Jim took a picture for me.
I took the first shift and drove 125 miles to Heber City. When Jim took over I couldn't resist this beautiful country side.

Miles and miles of this red fall color. Haven't a clue what plant is turning red and orange.
It was a hard drive, but the scenery made it worth it. Pressing to reach Reno by Sunday, we drove almost 300 miles yesterday and switched to faster Interstate Highway 80. Better road, but windier still. The speed limit  is an unbelievable 75 mph on highway 80.
We got our first glimpse of the great Salt Lake and the many salt flats. To see the famous Bonneville test area, you have to turn off the road about a 1/2 mile. We just kept right on truckin'.
In places, people write their names, or messages with stones on the salt. Of course, we saw a huge salt plant as well.
Jim recognized this strange device as an early data relay tower, now replaced by cell towers and satellites.
I drove a second shift but never even considered speeds like the truckers cruising right on by me. They are so heavy, they have better purchase in the wind. Signs warn you of high wind areas but they also have periodic wind socks along the way to give you a sense of the wind's direction.
That orange blob in the middle of the photo is a wind sock.
We arrived in Wendover, wondering if Wendover was in Utah or Nevada?
The Nevada State line is in the middle of town designated by  a line  painted right on the street. But you don't really need the line because Wendover is filled with casinos that begin partway through town. Half the casino parking is in Utah where gambling isn't allowed.  Gave us a chuckle. It was hot and breezy and we ate cold quinoa soup and fruit salad for dinner and hit the sack early.

I didn't take a huge number of picrures, 27 in all. For a look click the link

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