Friday, September 10, 2010


Moving across country, picking up and moving to a new location  each day can sometimes be disorienting. Of a sudden, you ask yourself, am I in Indiana? Or Missouri?  Where did we stay last night? What day is it? Well, I'll never forget Hastings, Nebraska.
That's because another affect of moving so swiftly is you don't get to bond and have girlfriend time. We girls need that. And every girl needs a Deneeta in her life.

Deneeta Svoboda is the Manager of American Legion Post 11 of Hastings, Nebraska. We pulled into town about 4 p.m., the bar was just about empty;  a week night. There was Deneeta, one of those women who makes instant friends. She is sunny and happy, it shines from her eyes. She made me feel right at home. We yapped for four hours about life, religion, values, places, children, small towns, jobs, friendships, the economy...the world was our subject!  Jim went back to the motor home so we could really get down and dish. We laughed and commiserated with each other. And, Deneeta even shared some of her private stash with me. Thanks Deneeta, I needed that.
  Don't laugh when I say the restrooms here were exactly like walking into your bathroom at home. THAT CLEAN .
And yep! That's Deneeta's doing as well. One of her values is cleanliness and the place sparkled. She decorates for every holiday, or event, such as the  Nebraska Huskers games coming up. The town of Hastings is blessed to have a cozy, friendly little nightspot to enjoy in the comfortable arms of a personality like Deneeta.

Now, I must dip back and explain our trip from Maryville, MO. to Hastings. Jim started out driving; it was raining lightly. We were rolling along on 136 West, our hiway of choice, when, Wham! A huge sign informed us the bridge over the Missouri River crossing was only 8'6". Wha? Our motor home is 8'6".  Jim got out the atlas and studied roads. We switched to Highway 2, then a missed or non existent road, seconded to Cheney Rd. which turned to dirt in less than a quarter mile. Finally found the right OLD Cheney rd. It was several aggravating turn-arounds and feeling out where to go.
We finally made Highway 6, and smooth sailing for my turn to drive, all the way into Hastings.

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