Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Good friend, Randy Vining arrived. Jim has known him for years, another full time RVer. Randy has an interesting past that led him to his more recent roll in life, poet/philosopher. For a look at his philosphy, you can check out his blog at: mobilecodgers.blogspot.com
He has given life and its consequences a lot of thought and many years ago, gave up the unnecessary trappings of  life and took to the road, a modern hobo.
We enjoyed visiting for a couple hours. In the afternoon, we took a walk around the area in which we are staying.
We stopped by the Peppermill Hotel and Casino, one of my favorite casinos. Nostalgia, mostly, since we patronized The Peppermill when it was just a simple restaurant, a good one, too. That was many years ago. The place keeps expanding until its barely recognizable between visits.
 The inside is still a dazzling swirl of neon lights without the old noise of clinking coins from the slot machines.  People don't seem to miss the noise, but I do.
Casino signs are an amazing kind of artwork. The neon tubing and flashing lighting provide glitz that says Fun Is Here. I'm hoping to drive the strip one night this week and take pictures of signs. It feels like a New Years celebration just to drive the strip at night. 
The draw is to think bigger than life, more money than you've ever seen. Temptation. Maybe I'll hustle up to the crap tables for an hour or so.

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