Monday, September 13, 2010


We left McCook at 9 a.m. with Jim driving. I took over after we crossed into Colorado, just short of Morgan. The road was wide open, climbing, but not huge steep hills-yet. I drove through to Morgan City, CO. Then, Jim took the wheel. At that point, through the haze of one of those awful fires, we could just see the outline of the distant Rockies.
The countryside is getting dryer, browner.  A lot of hay rolling around. Some fields of short, browned off  sunflowers, probably an oil crop. Several huge, stinky  feedlots, a couple of oil wells, and not much else.
We pulled into Evans, Colorado, snugged next to Greeley.  James, the bartender/acting manager of the Evans Moose Club welcomed us for a cool one. When he heard Jim was a member of the Apache Junction Moose Club from Arizona, he told us he had a thank you card from an Apache Junction Moose Club member. It turned out to be Jim's longtime, good friend, Randy Vining. Jim had just spoken to him by phone earlier in the day.
While enjoying a local brewski, we paid into a 50/50 drawing and I WON!!!! So, we ended up having dinner at the lodge instead of my quinoa soup. It was too hot to cook anyway.
Changing the subject, this is a washing machine. Not one I'd like to use. I haven't forgotten my promise to revisit the Highland Plains (fantastic) Museum. Our signal is slow, so, hopefully I can download all of them.
I wouldn't like to be required to use this one, either.
 Nor this cruel and unusual punishment.

Truth to tell, my mother once had  one similar, but not quite as fancy, as this old Maytag. Funny, I happen to have a Maytag in my garage today. I'm so glad it doesn't resemble this hard working machine. I know the women of that time were glad to have such devices.
We've Come A Long Way Baby!

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