Saturday, September 25, 2010


Home has its responsibilities. Even though there are no lawns to mow, repairs are ever with us. My balcony surface was leaking and needed a makeover with a new product. It's supposed to last 15 years without re-surfacing. Hope it does. Rick Osmundson is sanding and preparing for the new product.
Each time I return after a long time on the road, I have tons of mail. I've switched to communicating everything on-line. For the first time, I was able to get through all of  my mail in one day. Hooray!  That is, without counting the magazines. I've promised to read one a day. Kind of like vitamins. They'll soon disappear.
 When I flew back to the Motor Home in July, this doe was fat and pregnant. She has since given birth and they decorate my senses while browsing through my yard. I don't mind that they eat my strawberries and petunias. They can manage a peach and ptuii, spit out the pit like old pros. I have plenty to share. Food comes easier to me than them, so we are not at war.
I expect to be home through Christmas and the New Year.

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