Tuesday, July 20, 2010


A storm kicked up rather suddenly and sheets of rain drenched everything, tents, bicycle seats, people's bags, towels, chairs, tables... Even under a canopy it hit the camp stove and everything we'd quickly moved under to stay dry. Twenty minutes later it stopped and the kids played in a huge puddle. Earlier, someone was camped in this spot.  Lucky for them, it was their day to go home.
The driest place to be was the motor home. Four kids and Jim and I managed a card game called BS on the bed, while others spread out on the table and played Quiddler or sat and read in the front seats. Wendy's brother Mike arrived after the first drenching with two more little girl cousins. It rained off and on most of the day and we enjoyed a "full house" for much of the day.
When the weather cleared, I biked to the beach late in the day. The kids did too. The little girl below, (not one of our group) engaged in a common practice around the beach, dragging a raw chicken leg for crabs. The crabs hang on and get plopped in a bucket. Its catch and release and great fun.

The problem is, some families use fishing line and it ends up on the beach. I questioned them about making sure they don't leave fishing line on the beach and pointed out the dangers to the birds. Don't know if they objected to my intrusiveness or not.
This young man used a string, rather than fishing line. I spotted two gulls in trouble. One with its legs tangled together in a piece of fishing line, limiting its motion, ability to fly and groom itself. Couldn't catch it though. Another trying to swallow a piece of chicken on a string with the string hanging out of its mouth. I was able to step on the long string because it had another piece of chicken on the opposing end, and pull it out and rescue this bird.
Rocky Neck State Park beach is a wonderfully friendly, spacious, and enjoyable place. A full boardwalk with shade, plenty of life guards, a designated swimming area, good signage, a breakwater, fishing spots, huge picnic area for groups and many spots for individuals, fencing to protect the dunes...lovely place for all.
This sand castle was about 4 feet tall.
For someone like myself, who likes to rock climb and take pictures, it was a perfect spot.

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