Wednesday, July 7, 2010


After our big event, the clean-up crew sweeps through, but inevitably, something gets left behind. A pair of sunglasses, one stray sock, a pair of small size cut-offs hanging on the fence to dry, and a sleeping bag. Not bad considering the number of people and the chaotic nature of a "yard and flume bash".
I spent the day after finding things the kitchen crew put away in places foreign to me, washing towels and linens, eating wonderful leftovers and sorting through an overstuffed refrigerator. Two weeks home doesn't give me much time to catch up.
Brother bill and sister Dawn came yesterday to look over Bill's pictures from a 39 day road trip from here to New York, Upper Michigan and back by way of Sedona, AZ. Bill, above, carving pineapple, was one time an avid road warrior.
 My youngest grandsons came to spend a couple days while their parents get fully moved into their new house. But, before we could go anywhere, we had an untimely flat tire to repair.
It was fixed in about 10 minutes after a two hour wait.
  Then, within fifteen minutes after the service left, the front tire went flat. We've determined that "tire monitors", basically valve stem caps that detect when a tire is losing air, are at fault. The technician checked all of the tires while he was here to make sure they were all filled to 36 pounds. So, this makes my third flat with the monitors on them. A very expensive device. No more! Jim and I can't remember the name of the  company we bought them from. I'm sure there are good devices, but ours wasn't one of them.

  So, Grandson Theo got a haircut before going to play in Murphys Creek for the afternoon.

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