Tuesday, July 6, 2010


  Megan and her friend Chelsea were lolling on the hammock which immediately brought to mind a family story that always makes me laugh. It was about 10 years ago, same event, just a different hammock and a different tree. Adopted daughters, Karen and Susie were lolling in the hammock. They had enjoyed a glass of wine or two and they began swinging in the hammock together and decided if they got it going fast enough, they could completely flip it over and they would remain in the hammock by centrifugal force. Right?
Of course the grape took advantage of their reasoning.  They both landed on the ground in a heap of giggles-unhurt. That around-the-moon effort had to be commemorated in a ritual photo.
It was hard to say goodbye, particularly to Karen who last made this event six years ago. Susie lives closer, in Paradise, and never misses. Myself, Karen, Doug, Susie, and Susie's beautiful daughters, Megan and Katrina.
Susie, Ken, Virginia and Karen lined up. When I took a picture of Kris saying goodbye, it was on video instead of still photo. I haven't yet learned how to extract a still from video, but I will someday.
Everyone kind of hesitates, reluctant to say goodbye. It was a great party.
Yesterday, I mentioned that grandson Owen pulled a new record for jumps on the trampoline, he was at 249 at this point on his way to 368 double jumps, I believe:

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