Thursday, July 1, 2010


I flew from Hartford, Connecticut Airport on Tuesday. Tried to get a picture of the Hartford skyline as we whipped through since I'd never been there before.
I always look for art work when I encounter a new airport.  Seattle and Sacramento have a river running through them in the floor tiles. Here the river floats high over head on a banner as though you are flying over the landscape. Okay!
The plane was late, little Sacramento Airport was jammed with folks streaming around baggage claim looking lost and bewildered. Daughter Virginia picked me up and brought me to her "new" house 45  minutes later than expected. She was frazzled because it was moving day for them. Some empty boxes, but mostly full ones, a hasty dinner.
Back to Murphys Wednesday morning.  Karen, who house sits for me while I'm gone, adheres to my Certified Wildlife Habitat Designation, which means we kill NOTHING, we spray NOTHING, we supply water for critters and its been soooo much fun to witness the increase in wildlife about the place. Except the skunk that got into the house and left a bit of fragrance.
Here she is pointing to two dots on her arm from a bee stinging. "I killed it dead," she told me. If the little sucker had stung me just once, I would have let him go, but he got me twice." 

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