Monday, July 12, 2010


Today, last minute chores, a drive to Sacramento and I leave again. The refrigerator is nearly empty. The sprinkler clock got changed 3 times, still isn't working. But, luckily for me, Karen is house sitting and can hand  water from the valves.

the left behind items have been reduced to blue sunglasses, a blue toy car, a Squatters Beer T-shirt, and a pedometer. Looking much better.

When I left Calaveras County in May, the Obama Reinvestment Act had only funded grants in our county. It was nice to see actual jobs on our road.

And, I'm told, the prices for real estate in the county have risen.
 I haven't gotten the local papers, but heard a lot of headlines after the fact from friends.
I lost my prescription glasses while working in the yard.
And, didn't get half as much done as I expected. Computer is still putt-putting and the printer won't print. So, back on the road tomorrow and some kind of regularity. See you there!

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