Thursday, April 2, 2009


When I first moved to the Mother Lode, people would ask me, "What do you do?" Inherent in that question was another, 'aren't you bored?' Nobody asks that anymore, and, I've never been bored. Paul Moeller is known in the area as Mr. Community Television. He started Calaveras Community Television in 1983. He went on to help nearby Amador, and Tuolumne Counties start their access programs. He taught video classes at Columbia College and at every school in the county. He promoted building a studio and it was built with the expertise of a volunteer contractor and volunteer labor. A stunning achievment. Paul is an indefatigable producer recognized everywhere he goes. He has produced 5,000 shows for Public Access in Calaveras County. At 82 years old, he is still shooting every week.
Here he is taping myself and the Ramblin Man, Jim Jaillet and interestingly, Jim has produced 95 Public Access programs for Olympia Public Access in Washington State and I've worked on over 85 programs for Public Access here in Calaveras County, mostly as an anchor. There are activities for every interest in the Motherlode. I'm probably biased but I think Calaveras County is the jewel of the Motherlode.

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