Thursday, April 16, 2009


There was a time when birds of all types flew and sounded in and about the yard, on the road, and wherever we moved about. Its getting harder and harder to find them now. These finches crowding the bird feeder are a welcome sight. Audubon once observed that song birds were so numerous when he caught birds to paint, flocks taking flight could blacken the summer sky in front of him. We've come a long way down since then. I keep that in mind when I see a bird in the wild or those attracted to a feeder. Efforts to save bird habitat are working. We now see ospreys nesting in the mother lode. Neighbors are putting up western blue bird boxes. Saturday, in Sonora, the Audubon Society is selling various sized birdhouses, bat houses and bird feeders at the West America Bank parking lot 14729 Mono Way, East Sonora. The American Native Plant Society is also having its annual sale at the same time. No time was given but you can check on line.

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