Wednesday, April 8, 2009


THE MAN HIMSELF We love the verve of youth and I found this guy on
Pretty cool lookin' cat, huh! Check him out. I looked at his content and realized he knows more about musical instruments than I know about raising kids. His music is stuff I never heard of and if I'm to keep up with the world and understand where its going, I'd better get with it and tune into youth. Obama is leading the way. So, I joined facebook, twitter, plax-something-or-other, but blogging has become my passion. It is an outlet for a writer like no other. It keeps me in touch with the world of senior citizens, working people, activism, social movements and youth alike.
I particularly like this guy, though. His name is Mason Matzek. I guess its no coincidence that my name is Matzek, too. I'm so proud to have a grandson that is wholesome, intelligent, interested in music, and fun to be with. He and I will be vacationing in Thailand in December. When we return, we can both share our experiences with everyone via this amazing tool.

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