Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My life partner Jim has done the Atkins diet, and would avoid bread if it was in any way avoidable. My view is that life is too short to do without good bread, so he has capitulated. Of course, even if it takes a chainsaw to cut through it, as he complained over this last wonderful, but very hard crust, we still eat it. Shucks, a sprinkle of water and a quick zap in the microwave renders it edibile. Besides sustainance, a good, hard, chewy crust cleans your teeth and gives you a visceral wolf-like feel. It can change your personality in one, tearing bite.
Good bread has always been a staple in my life, but my good friend, Fred Williams, who did some time in the Navy brig on bread and water stamped that nugget of wisdom home for me. "...but, it was the best bread I ever ate," claimed Fred. "It made me really appreciate how bread became the staff of life." For the rest of his life, Fred made it a point to enjoy good bread. And, I will... even if it takes a chainsaw.

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