Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This lemon is 8" tall to the top of the stem, a marvelous specimen from Danville. Being raised in Upper Michigan, lemons were expensive and rare in our part of the country. When I first moved to Murphys, I planted a Myer lemon tree on the south west corner of my house. It grew and produced lemons for 11 years before a hard freeze backed it off to the ground. It didn't actually kill it, but it never came back with vigor. As a mix for drinks, condiments, many ways to use them. Favorite recipes come to mind. The juice with baking soda makes a good cleaner. Now, my question is, why do they call a failed auto a "lemon". I drive a truck purchased under the lemon law and it runs just fine, thank you.
I don't recommend you plant a lemon tree in the mother lode, but, mine did very well by me.

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