Wednesday, November 4, 2015


We are in the midst of the sixth great extinction on ear. The sumatran tiger went extinct this year. It is 2015 and we are losing large predator animals. Extinctions of birds, insects, amphibians and smaller mammals almost go unnoticed among the thousands of species we've lost.
20120720-lonesome-george-pinta-island-tortoise.jpg.644x0_q70_crop-smart (Copy)
This is lonesome George. A pinto Island tortoise that went extinct in the mid 1800s. George was discovered in 1971, the last of the breed. He lived until 2012, the only one of his kind.
A quaga. The face of a giraffe, the stripes of a zebra and the hind quarters of a horse.
Another giant tortoise, the seychelles. Their biggest fault is they taste good and were easy to catch.
A thylacine. I would have liked to have seen one of these in a zoo. A ferocious predator you wouldn't want to meet in the wild.
A barbary lion, with a unique looking tufted mane.
20120720-tarpan.jpg.644x0_q70_crop-smart (Copy) 
An Asian tarpan, a small wild horse that stood only 5 feet tall.
We've lost forever two amazing tigers, the caspian, the largest tiger ever seen and the smallest, the Bali tiger, no bigger than an average dog.
20120720-golden-toad.jpg.644x0_q70_crop-smart (Copy)
The beauty of the golden toad lead to its extinction in 1989.
20120720-black-rhino.jpg.644x0_q70_crop-smart (Copy)
The black rhino gone-2011. We know that the Chinese superstition that powdered rhino horn is an aphrodisiac is what is responsible for the wholesale killing of rhinos, like elephants for their ivory. Elephant losses are frightening. Will they be next?  Only in zoos?
66323BFC-025A-4C10-946F49E6AA037CD6_article (Copy)Or will it be the polar bear?

With climate change, acidic oceans and rain, many fish and ocean animals endangered. Will various populations of humans go extinct for lack of food? I think that is a fair question.

A man... I'm remembering his name as Wilson, conceived the idea that we should return half the world in every country to its original wild condition. We've certainly made great strides in rehabilitating some of our most egregious mistakes, like the buffalo, grizzly bear, wolves, eagles. Wouldn't that be neat? 

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