Saturday, November 7, 2015


Runners Done (Copy)
When I left Oregon, I put in a couple of hours working on this bridge across Evans Creek. Not that I could help very much. Now, it looks like the bridge has bigger problems, according to emails I've received.

I have nice neighbors there and they keep me in the loop. Today, I'm headed back to Oregon and luckily Jim is here to hold down the fort because the Butte Fire recovery helpers, dedicated volunteer Sara Watson, and her husband, is coming to pick up, four barbeque pits, one picnic table, two smaller tables, shingles, building blocks, pavers, my old sink, plastic chairs, umbrellas...little stuff. Suffice it to say downsizing has its rewards. And, I like that my things are going to the right place.

I'm very admiring of this young woman who says, her house is a mess, but its okay. "We've got a house."  Their house was in the path of the fire, but missed. So, she trudges on, helping others, temporarily neglecting her own needs until she can help the families on her list.

What a great community to live in. People always rally for their neighbors. Giving also has its rewards.

So, I'm on the road again, temporarily. Yesterday's blog elicited this comment:

An interesting piece on contributions and politics. So you really don’t think it’s wise to keep upping the ante as regular folk to counter the wealthy contributors in some fashion? I reckon the change/ movement or responses needed are far deeper and there is a need to address our circumstances in a manner that a $100 here or there by individuals will do much.

I answered in detail:

I’ve done it. And, I no longer do it. I send a note saying when you get rid of Citizens United, I’ll be glad to donate. Presidential races are an exception. I do send cash for my chosen candidate. It has been shown that brave and courageous people can win elections in spite of millions of Koch etc. money, but it is definitely harder. Instead I donate to the organizations that help by pushing various bills that I agree with, and push those same legislators for change. I send money to Public Citizen, American Civil Liberties Union, Natural Resources Defense Council, Earth Justice, Forest Service Employees for Ethical Environment, Free Press, NPR, and National Public Television; Planned Parenthood, Common Cause. I donate to trusts that buy up land to hold property in perpetuity for the public. Anything that gets the issues before the public and pushes. They are working on the ground and have the best chance of leveraging change with those dollars. I have a long list. I can’t donate to all of them at the same time but when an important issue comes up, like fracking and the Keystone pipeline, I’ll monetarily support those fighting on the ground against it. Same goes for political issues, like hold Goldman Sachs and Wall Street accountability. I'm glad she asked.


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