Thursday, December 24, 2015


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I once heard a radio announcer asking people if they believe in Angels. I was surprised at how varied the answers were. This Angel Christmas card gives the essence of Christian beliefs, the hope of all the world is born.
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Old religions have multiple Gods that guard against storms, or praise the sun, or other natural events. The Angels are only manifested with Christianity.  I've seen bibles with beautiful depictions of angels, but no precise description of an angel was written during that time,  just that they would appear. Who, then, depicted the first angel to know what they are supposed to look like? I'm not a religious scholar and someone of you might know the answer to that.
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Artists of today, decide for themselves but they were guided by painted images of Christ that we see from early paintings and statuary, and artist's renditions in bibles. Angels are mostly depicted as women, but the bible mentions men's names for angels. From a museum work of art-this male angel has no wings.
DSC07253 (Copy)
A modern artist produced a whole chorus of what looks like little boy angels.
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Christianity was pushed onto the American Indian and if they wanted to adore an angel, she wore a feather bonnet, a crown of respect in Indian culture.
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And were angels cherubs?
DSC07337 (Copy)
Or were they adults?
DSC07267 (Copy)
Out of the protective and holy spirit of angels, came the guardian angel. And, later a Valentine cherub with his bow and arrows.  All stemmed from the original angel that lead the shepherds to Bethlehem.
DSC07247 (Copy)
A single angel points the way to the manger.
DSC07293 (Copy)
The three kings are shielding their eyes from the brightness of the light as the angel appeared to them.
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Angels not only represent witness to Jesus birth, but to peace and love and comfort. This artist included all races; the whole world. Some Christian religions believe their beliefs are the one and only true messengers of God, ignoring that Muslims and Hindus outnumber Christians in the world. The God's of Egypt are long un-dieified,  but their belief in them was profound and literally moved mountains-with the assistance of slaves.
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I like the modern angels like this barefoot cherub keeping warm with the birds.
DSC07277 (Copy)
 Or this little angel catching stars and putting them in her basket, with a nod to Santa, his hat caught on the moon, a bit of whimsy.
DSC07325 (Copy)
So sibling like, one Cherub annoying another.
DSC07353 (Copy)
And what was in the artist's mind when she sought to have angels looking in on humans snug in their living room on Christmas?
DSC07304 (Copy)
Hey, school girl!
DSC07263 (Copy)
Let's not forget the message.
DSC07343 (Copy)
Meant to make us laugh is a naughty guardian angel spy.
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I guess I wouldn't be a card collector if I didn't enjoy them. Maybe you will too.
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Most angels fly.  I saw one image of an angel seated.
DSC07290 (Copy)
Others decorate.
DSC07313 (Copy)
Or setting up the the stars for night.
DSC07338 (Copy)
Guaranteed, no two are alike.
DSC07339 (Copy)
Angelic visions.
DSC07346 (Copy)
Maybe angels are supposed to be in the realm of children.
DSC07331 (Copy)
Precious and lovable child angels with fake wings, make me smile.
DSC07329 (Copy)
Like a bride, she is dressed, and expressing devotion.
DSC07363 (Copy)
My favorite card is this one, where crabby older sister is trying to get her excited classmates ready to go on stage for the most important date of their very young lives, the Class Christmas Pageant.
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All serve the same purpose, to wish us and you a Merry Christmas.