Sunday, July 28, 2013


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Virginia and the kids came up for the weekend, kind of a last fling at the flume, some blackberry picking, which Doug calls “black pearls”,  and picking peaches out of my much neglected orchard. Some plums were ripe, too.
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I dunked my feet in the water and just kept cool.
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We relaxed…
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Owen brought a book.
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We enjoyed a nice cool watermelon after our cool dunk.
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Back at the house, Owen decided to take a nap with the timer set…on his head while the rest of us tackled the peach tree. Actually, Theo picked while I held the ladder.
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While we got a good volume of peaches, they are small and bird pecked so I only set one strip out to dry. Virginia took the rest of them home to turn into jam, along with a big container of plums.
I practiced my Massachusetts pronunciations so I don’t say things wrong and get shunned.
Worcester: Wuhsta or Wistah,
Gloucester:  Glaw-stah
Leicester: Lestah
Woburn: Woo-ban
Dedham: Dead-um
Tewksbury:  Tooks-berry
Leominster: Lemin-stah
Summerset: Sam-ah-set or Sum-aw-set
never: nevah
There, that ought to do it.

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